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it awesome and addictive, it also has very good level of challenge, its not very difficult, but enough so that it very fun. don't get me wrong i found myself very frustrated in several parts but it didn't ruin the fun of the game a whole bunch. however i had a 2 problems with it.

1: the wild monsters. even with a level 90, a wild monster encounter would more often than not result in my rat being beaten to a pulp. i even got stuck in an area of the desert, if i tryed to move from that area i would ALWAYS be engaged by a wild monster. they killed my rat a dozen or so times until i ran out of money and to when i revived him he reverted to a level 40. i eventally managed to get out but the whole thing left my very frustrated

2: this is more a question than a complant, can you buy crew members with higher stats or somehow raise the stats of your crew? when i tryed to craft implants on the second page of implants my precentages (with a enginner) where under 10... i thought maybe further along in the map there would be higher level recuitment areas but, from my first problem i am 100% unable to go much farther than the western desert

forgive my horrible spelling and/or grammer =D

soooooo cute!

i played the first game and this one is just as good! its fun, addicting, and really cute! this game combines two of my favorite things in the world, cats and sushi! good job! 11/10!

I liked it

I love the game, very addicting. still trying to beat it on normal.
my one complaint is that sometimes you run out of troops and don't have the money to buy anymore (this happened to me when i was trying to beat normal) and not enough xp to use your special. anyway the secret to winning is to try your best NOT to use your special attack so you can evole faster then take them out with troope that are tougher. as for the battles them selfs i say use your amrored unit as a tool to push forward and have support back him up. if they do the same then do this Armor, Support, Support, Anti Armor, repeat untill you win or evole
i haven't gotten to the modern stage, i keep beating them beforehand

also good job the troops that evole are just a tiny bit stronger but over the corse of many evolutions they are much stronger. this makes it so 1 stage past them won't help you a ton but 2-3 will give you the upperhand.

Golden Gun, Ownage or Pwnage? that is the question

I loved the game, super addicting. I wasn't able to get to 1 Million feet till i got the Golden Gun, which gets you 300,000- 400,000 per shot or so. plus I ended up with over 50 nukes! (nukes stack if you didn't know) anyway, I always could go futher but something always gets me! my record is over 3,000,000 but i can't pass 2 million now because i keep geting spike balled! anyway, i played it when it first came on NG and got everything but came back on and got the Golden Gun which opens up a whole new world of distance, im working on getting all the medals. anyway i hope to see more awesome games like this in the future, i bid you good day!


it is easy to beat the game but but it is hard to get the "beat the game in 200 seconds" medal but i got it, the medal that you can only get by getting all other medals gives you a gold sword rather than the wooden sword it does more damage, 3 damage from normal attacks turn to 5 and 1 damage from jump attacks turns to 3. Uber easy to beat the game after that, i beat Luis is second form without him turning into that big green ball and droping exploding lollypops (LOL).


I got the third highest score of all time!

The hardest mission for me was the eighth one. I dunno when to shot him although a think it's when he's leaning down while he's answering a question.


great game i beat it a bunch of times on normal but when i wanted a tougher fight i changed it to harder and a barely made it the the third age make the other diffelty settings a little easyer than they are now if you are to make a number 2

its fun

as i said its fun but the time limit is way to short and do this start with just reds and greens and every few levels add another and make the time limit longer or don't even have a time limit (note: its not very fun when you can't get past the the 3ed level) so i agree with me1982 over all

zijian60 responds:

Hi Felipe2543,

I agreed with all of you! and i added a 3x time limit option just for newsground members. Enjoy!



good but it should have check points

bluedude2000 responds:

im still learning with flash, i have only been using it for about a month an half.

And i made it diffucult so it was challenging, which unfortunatly means, start again! lol.


good job but its a lot like zombie survival quiz :( and that game
was very very good so i can belive that people want to try to create
another one,5/10,2.5/5

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